Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.com suspects that the Phillies are nearing an extension with Chase Utley.

Interesting news, we have heard Utley's name mentioned frequently as we have approached the July 31 trade deadline, but this is the first time we have heard that they are willing to reach out before the season ends to extend Utley.

The Phillies have not engaged in trade talks for Utley so far, and he is scheduled to hit the free agent market in November.  There have been a few recent rumblings about long-term negotiations and with Salisbury's report, it looks more-and-more like Utley will in fact be a Phillie for life.

While Utley is still productive, he's the second most productive second basemen in baseball, but he is 34-years old and the Phillies need to get more young talent that Utley can get in return.

So Phillies fans, do you want to see the Phillies extend Utley's contract or trade him?  Leave your comments on the commet section below