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Here is today’s show: Monday May 15th, 2012.


Sixers go down in Game 1

Mike Gill and Todd Ranck open up the show with their thoughts in Sixers vs. Celtics Game 1 over the weekend.  Mike said most of the players came to play, but Elton Brand and Jrue Holiday have to have better games if the Sixers hope to advance.  He also wonders if Rajan Rondo can keep up his high shooting percentage throughout this series.  Todd now thinks the Celtics will go on to the NBA Finals and the Sixers wont win a game, putting their percentages at 19.


Game 2 tonight

Mike Gill likens this Celtics series to the Chicago Bulls of last round.  He says if the Sixers can win Game 2 tonight they can indeed win the series, much like they did last round against the Bulls.  Todd wants to know what the Sixers couldn't do in Game 1 to finish them off after leading much of the game.  Mike Gill says Kevin Garnett is the biggest match up problem on the floor for the Sixers.


Bob Cooney LIVE from Boston

Philadelphia 76ers beat writer, Bob Cooney, called in from Boston to preview Game 2 with us.  Cooney says you have to come away with more positives than negatives in Game 1 as Boston looked like a really old team Saturday night.  He also said that for the Sixers to succeed they have to keep Kevin Garnett around the perimeter because if he finds his way inside they'll be in a lot of trouble.  Bob Cooney covers the Sixers for the Philadelphia Daily News, follow him on Twitter.


Cole Hamels wants 7?

Mike Gill opens up the 3:00 hour talking about the NBC-10 report of COle Hamels telling the Phillies he is wanting a 7 year deal.  You the callers did a great job this hour calling in and giving us your thoughts.  We play the "Who Stay/Who Goes" game between Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee.  Many of the callers want Cliff Lee to be traded in order to keep Hamels at whatever the cost is.


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY OR SELL Ron Artest comments on "not shaking James Harden's hand."

2. BUY OR SELL BUY OR SELL NHL being happy with their Conference Finals?

3. BUY OR SELL a better than 50/50 chance of breaking Barry Bonds or Roger Maris HR record?

4. BUY OR SELL Game 1 being the best game the Sixers have played all year?


A Boston Legend

Legendary Boston Globe columnist, Bob Ryan, joined Mike Gill at 4:30 to preview Celtics vs. Sixers Game 2 tonight.  Ryan said no one ever foresaw a Sixers/Celtics 2nd Round matchup and neither team should expect to win the NBA Championship.  Ryan also goes off on Rajan Rondo a little saying he is "wired strangely" and no one knows what Rondo is going to do at any given moment.  Bob Ryan has been a sports writer/columnist at the Boston Globe since 1969.


Top Tweets

It's a Monday edition of Top Tweets brought to you by: The NEW Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City. Visit their website today!  Will Rajan Rondo get another triple-double tonight?  Where does Roy Halladay rank in MLB pitchers today?  It's all in Top Tweets!


Jeff McLane talks Eagles Rookies

Jeff McLane, covering the Eagles called in at 4:30 to talk about what he saw out of the rookies at the Eagles Rookie Camp over the weekend.  The best player McLane saw all weekend in his opinion was Mychal Kendricks, thinking that he has the best chance of being a starter in Week 1.  On Fletcher Cox, the Eagles will use him in different spots and could certainly see him starting at some point this season.  Jeff McLane covers the Eagles for the Philadelphia Inquirer and philly.com.  Follow him on Twitter.


5 Questions hosted by Pete G

1. How many players can you name off Houston Astros starting lineup?  Name them.

2. What concerns you more of a Cole Hamels extension: Years or money?

3. What's your favorite cliche wedding song?

4. Is Facebook the greatest internet invention ever?

5. How did you celebrate Mother's Day yesterday?


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