The Phillies offense is becoming an issue early in this 2013 season. The Reds completed a three game sweep of the Phils with an 11-2 win and outscored the phillies 16-4 in the series. The Phillies haven't scored more than 2 runs in any of their last 5 games, losing 4 of those contests.

The question now becomes what can be changed and who's to blame? The phillies look to get back Carlos Ruiz at the end of April, but will he be the offensive stud that he was a season ago? And can Delmon Young contribute to the lineup as he did with the Tigers in the ALCS a year ago?

Even if those questions are answered with a yes, will that be enough for this veteran laden team? Ben Revere is struggling at the top of the lineup and Ryan Howard is getting his hits so far this season when it rarely matters. Michael Young is hitting over .300 as philly fans had hoped, but there isn't usually anyone on base in front of him to take advantage of his early success.

So does the blame for a 6-9 record and a currently inept offense go to Manager Charlie Manuel and his decisions or lack thereof when it comes to this batting lineup? I think there is definitely an argument for that. This lineup is potent enough, even without Chooch and Delmon, to put four or five runs on the board consistently. I know it's early, but this is the time to play with your batting order, especially before Ruiz and Young come back.

If things don't improve at the plate for these Phils, at some point in the near future, Charlie will have no choice but to make changes. Too many questions early in this season and not enough answers.

This is a lineup I'd be interested to see until Chooch and Delmon return:

1. Jimmy Rollins 2. Chase Utley 3. Michael Young 4. Ryan Howard 5. Dom Brown 6. John Mayberry/Lance nix 7. Eric Kratz 8. Ben Revere 9. Pitchers spot