It's been over a year since the Philadelphia Flyers last named a captain of their team.

The Flyers and general manager Paul Holmgren announced that Claude Giroux as the 19th captain in team history.

The move was first reported by CSN Philly.

Holmgren said Tuesday evening that he delivered the news to Giroux last week meaning the 25-year old is fitting in nicely in being coy with the media.

Flyers coach Peter Laviolette told CSN Philly that Giroux has blossomed in the organization.

"It's been fun to watch him develop and grow as a player," Laviolette told Sarah Baicker.

The Flyers former captain, Chris Pronger, has been in Philadelphia all week helping Holmgren in a number of roles Flyers owner Ed Snider said Tuesday afternoon.

Flyers coach Peter Laviolette told Mike Gill and Todd Ranck last week that Giroux, Kimmo Timmonen and Danny Briere were all potential candidates.

It is unknown which players will be named alternate captains to wear the "a" for this season.

Shortly after Tuesday's announcement, the Flyers released a picture of what Giroux's new "28" jersey will look like:

Photo by: Philadelphia Flyers
Photo by: Philadelphia Flyers


--Pete Giordano