The Sixers could be involved in another Dwight Howard trade.

No, the D12 hash tag wont be sweeping south Philadelphia anytime soon, rather the Sixers could be a the expiring contract dumpster for the Warriors.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the Sixers, Cavaliers and Jazz are involved in trade talks with the Warriors for 'salary dumps.'

The Sixers have the ample cap space to facilitate such a deal with the Warriors after the trading of Jrue Holiday, Sam Hinkie has just over $18 million of cap space.

Such cap room allows the Sixers to absorb any of the albatross contracts the Warriors have on their books: Andrew Bogut, Richard Jefferson or Andres Biedrins.

In exchange, according to Marc Stein, the Sixers would also receive draft picks.

As these trade talks continue to progress, the NBA world awaits Dwight Howard's 'indecision' which is believed to be taking place in the mountains of Aspen, CO.

more to come...