According to Eagles Rookie Carson Wentz has been the 5th highest selling NFL Player Jersey in the month of September which can be directly correlated to the Eagles 3-0 start to the season and the play of Wentz on the field.  The Eagles and Carson Wentz have exceeded expectations and they continue to trend upward.

ESPN's Jorge Sedano, former ESPN Radio National Talk Host is now co-host of Nacion ESPN on ESPN 2, joined Rich Quinones on Tuesday with a national perspective on Wentz and the Eagles hot start:

"I think Wentz is unbelievable, he reminds me kind of some hybrid of Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger and he's got better wheels than both guys so there's that and the (Eagles) defense is fantastic.  I think Wentz actually has a great infrastructure there, you're talking about a former Quarterback as his Head Coach (Doug Pederson), a former Quarterback as his Offensive Coordinator in Frank Reich, I just think he's got a good support system there....Am I buying the Eagles yet? I don't know about buying yet, I want to see more.  They have four of their next five (games) on the road, let me just see what that looks like after that.  Do I think they can be a playoff team?  Yeah I think they can be in that mix."

Checkout what Sedano had to say about the statistical odds for Eagles playoff chances along with Miami Hispanic perspective on the Jose Fernandez tragedy