There has been a lot made of the fact that presumptive No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons had not meet with the Sixers (or any other team for that matter) the past few days, but that can all be put to rest now according to

“That’s the new world that we live in,” ESPN senior college basektbal writer Andy Katz explained on the Sports Bash about Simmons not meeting with teams. “For example Buddy Hield and Marquese Chriss they worked out in California and didnt go to teams, teams had to go to them.”

Simmons and the 76ers had their first face-to-face meeting on Thursday and while it did not include any basketball activity, it certainly should put to rest the talk of Simmons not wanting to play for the Sixers.  Per the source, new Sixers general manager Bryan Colangelo and coach Brett Brown were both in attendance, along with team officials making Simmons a more obvious selection on Thursday with the No. 1 overall pick, though even if he didn't workout he was still the most likely pick.

“If he’s the best player for that team, they’re going to take him,” Katz said.  “Not going on an interview or a workout in a particular city isn’t going to ultimately sway them from not making that selection.”

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the 76ers were also "impressed" by the 20 pounds of muscle that he added since the end of his college season.