Here's what you missed on the Sports Bash Saturday with Matt Hammond on May 24:

-- Sixers got lucky in NBA Draft Lottery, but luck is only the icing on GM Sam Hinkie's plan, not the cake.
-- Phillies had opportunity after opportunity to start over, but they passed -- and are paying for it now.

-- Says he would buy his daughters Ray Rice jerseys
-- Describes what happened in elevator, "hypothetically"
-- Suggests Janay's actions justified Rice's reaction
-- Says Rice's morals among best of any of his clients
-- Says Janay apologizing was Rice's, Ravens' decision
-- Says a pretrial intervention program was 'just'
Nerlens Noel, Sixers center
-- Says he's 100 percent healthy
-- Says he's more explosive after ACL surgery, rehab
-- Says his offensive game has improved dramatically
-- Says he still wishes he had made NBA debut last season
-- Says he's "not an accolades guy" but is "trying" for NBA Rookie of the Year
-- Says the Sixers patience with rebuild takes pressure off, but that he likes pressure
-- Says Michael Carter-Williams' Rookie of the Year season doesn't put more pressure on him
-- Says he hopes the Sixers don't trade MCW, calls him his "best friend"

Mike Bellotti, ESPN college football analyst

-- On induction into College Football Hall of Fame
-- Why Chip Kelly should be better in Year 2
-- Why Nick Foles should be better in Year 2
-- Why stockpiling Oregon players isn't a bad thing
-- Says Marcus Smith can be Dion Jordan for Eagles
-- Calls DeSean Jackson "once in a lifetime" player
-- Says Eagles can still be better without DeSean

-- Fan interest in Sixers goes to show Phillies, you can rebuild -- even in big markets.
-- Preseason over/under win total for Eagles tells you, Vegas can't figure out how Chip Kelly's offense will work this season. And if Vegas can't, opposing coordinators will struggle to.

-- Landon Donovan broke a golden workplace rule when he took a controversial 3 month sabbatical to Cambodia during World Cup qualifying: don't create strikes against yourself.
-- Did Jurgen Klinsmann explaining why he left Donovan off US Men's National Team's final 23-man roster make you feel better about it? No? So would a reason from Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman, or Chip Kelly have made Eagles fans feel better about them releasing DeSean Jackson?

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