Geoff Mosher

Got Geoff Mosher, CSN Philly, on the phone to talk about the Chip Kelly press conference and what he thinks about the Eagles off season. Mosher said that he expects the Eagles to take a look at Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and perhaps hire him for the same position. Mosher also talks about the feud going on between Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner.


Our injury expert Joe DeRosa breaks down the latest injuries in sports!

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Sean McDonnell

New Hampshire Wildcats head coach Sean McDonnell called in to talk about his good friend Chip Kelly taking the Eagles job. McDonnell told a funny story from his time at UNH where Kelly would get upset in the headsets at McDonnell when they would punt the ball on 4th down. Kelly coached with McDonnell for 7 years.

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1. Should they change the Rooney Rule?

2. Rank top 3-4 candidates?

3. Is there a worse GM job?

4.Box of Chocolates with or without diagram?

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