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 The Sports Bash ON DEMAND gives you the chance to go back and hear what you missed. Its the Sports Bash with Mike Gill and Todd Ranck.

 Here is today’s show: Tuesday, January 7th 2014

Nick Foles

Things got heated today in the studio between Mike Gill and Todd Ranck. It was all about Nick Foles and whether or not he's arrived and is ready to be a franchise level QB. Mike Gill says that he's seen too many QBs like Josh Freeman, Marc Bulger and Kevin Kolb. He bases his opinion on Foles skill set and that it doesn't look like he can succeed in the playoffs. Ranck believes that Foles has arrived and is ready to give him $60 million and that a marriage with Chip Kelly is all he needs to see.


Jimmy Kempski

On for his spot to recap the Eagles loss to the Saints in the playoffs. Kempski said that the word 'disappointing' sums up this loss because it was such a close game and to lose in the end is disappointing, but overall the season was a success coming from 4-12 last season. Kempski said that the two most glaring needs for the Eagles this off season is at the safety position and an outside pass rusher, especially in a 3-4 defense. Kempski also talks about the impending free agency of Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper

Free Agents

Mike Gill talks about the 2014 free agent option for the Eagles and what positions they have the most glaring need. The Eagles will have to make some decisions at the safety and wide receiver positions as some key players will have the opportunity to flee elsewhere. Are you bringing back Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper? What about Nate Allen?

Adam Caplan

Called in to talk about the Eagles off season priorities and their cap situation. Caplan called DeSean Jackson and his contract demands "absurd" and talked about the absurdity of the WR backtracking on his Instagram account hours later after making it quite clear to reporters earlier in the day. Caplan said the Eagles need to upgrade on a pass rusher if they want to advance and go deep into the playoffs. Follow Caplan on Twitter.

5 Questions

1. No sleeves in single digits and cold weather: tough or dumb?

2. Riley Cooper, Jeremy Maclin, D JAX. Are all 3 wide receivers back next season?

3. Biggest back breaking play of the game: Cary Williams horse collar, Roc Carmichael booting the Donnie Jones punt in the end zone when it was going to be down on the inch line, Riley Cooper dropped pass on 3rd down, Alex Henery misses 48 yard FG, Nick Foles sack?

4. Would you take the Heisman Trophy away from Winston after his performance last night?

5. Yesterday is labeled as Blue Monday, the first Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year, do you agree?