My favorite part of franchise meltdowns in sports? Fan reaction. I stumbled upon this gem of a man last night. Hopefully some of the 97.3 ESPN FM callers can channel his passion this afternoon.

Some highlights from "Angry" Greg Ryan on CSNPhilly's post game coverage last night:

-"They stole the season from us!"

-The fourth and goal pass took the "wind out of the Eagles sails."

-On DeSean Jackson: "I'm not giving him the money!"

-On whether Andy Reid should be fired: "They shoot horses, don't they? I saw Lurie on television looking through his binocs. He should be looking for coaches! At the very least looking for linebackers!"

-On the poor tackling: "Nate Allen was the head of that list! I mean...that guy played as soft as a MARSHMALLOW tonight!"

-On the seventh loss: "They're cooked! My turkey dinner wasn't cooked as much as these guys!"