Alain Vigneault

In Unknown Times, Expectations Remain High for Flyers
In these unknown times, one thing has not changed for the Flyers. There are expectations this year, higher than they have been in quite some time. After making a playoff run this summer that came one win short of a conference final appearance, there is no turning back for the franchise. The goal is …
Age Just a Number for Claude Giroux
Claude Giroux has been captain of the Flyers for eight seasons, his ninth set to begin on Jan. 13, the day after his 33rd birthday. Giroux’s career has had its peaks and valleys from a production standpoint, but he’s remained durable, very rarely missing action, and is respected as a l…
Hayes Believes Flyers Playoff Run Put Them On the Map
For Kevin Hayes, a newcomer to the Flyers last season, this was the reason he had signed in Philadelphia. He wanted a chance to win and saw the potential the Flyers really offered as a key part of their success, and he believes that last season's playoff run is only scratching the surface.

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