Billy Davis

Five on the Saints: New Orleans is No Brees
PHILADELPHIA ( - Billy Davis seems to understand what he's in for Sunday when the Eagles will attempt to begin to salvage what is shaping up as a disappointing season against the 1-3 New Orleans Saints.
The Saints aren't what they once were but Drew Brees is still piloting thing…
Another Chip Problem Surfaces From an Unlikely Source
PHILADELPHIA ( - The truly elite quarterbacks in the NFL have one thing in common.
They are maestros at the line of scrimmage, extensions of the coaching staff who can run the entire offense from the field, getting their teams out of bad plays and into good ones with an audible or even a …
Five on the 'Skins
PHILADELPHIA ( - You can't really talk about the latest incarnation of the Eagles-Redskins rivalry until you know if there is going to be a game as Hurricane Joaquin continues to threaten the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

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