Celebrity Crushes

Cheryl Cole — Todd Ranck’s Celeb Crush
Funny story: Someone in our office suggested that we do Cheryl for crush today, and I googled Paula Cole. It was a confusing couple of minutes for all of us, but we've reached some clarity: This woman did not sing the 'Dawson's Creek' theme song.
Amanda Seyfried — Todd Ranck’s Crush of the Day
We’ve been crushing on Amanda Seyfried for the better part of the last decade, ever since she stole a few scenes from her more famous co-stars in ‘Mean Girls.’ Her career has taken off in a big way since then, and she’s now at the top of the A-li…
Emma Stone — Todd Ranck’s Crush of the Day
We’ve raved about Emma Stone before, but we just can’t help ourselves. She’s one of the most crush-worthy babes in Hollywood, so we see no problem with adding the sexy ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ star to our Crush list once again.