Fine 5 Ugly 5

Fine 5, Ugly 5
Every Wednesday on the Sports Bash with Mike Gill, Mike and Matt Segal give you their top 5 teams in the NFL as they see it, as well as the 5 worst teams.
Mike and Todd’s Fine 5, Ugly 5 after Week 15 in the NFL
Which teams are the worst of the worst and the best of the best as we head into Week 16 of the NFL season?
Mike and I gave our picks on "The Sportsbash". Who's right, who's wrong? You decide...
(Listen to the Fine 5/Ugly 5 with Mike and Todd)
It's time for Fine 5, Ugly …
Sportsbash ON DEMAND: Football on the Brain
Did you miss the Sports Bash or do you just want to listen to it again?
The Sports Bash ON DEMAND gives you the chance to go back and hear what you missed.  Its the Sports Bash with Mike Gill and Todd Ranck.
Here is today’s show: Wednesday September 4th 2013...
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