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6 Beach Safety Tips for Your Kids
Many families venture to our local beaches over summer vacation. Summertime brings lots of fun in the sand and surf for families to splash, play, or just relax. It’s important to think ahead and take extra safety precautions to prevent problems and be ready for any situation.

Take a Swing at Improving Your Golf Game (WATCH)
Whether you are a beginner or avid golfer, you are most likely always working toward a improving your game. Golf professional Aaron Bada has developed The Golf Specific Fitness system to keep you fit and help you reduce your risk of injury and lower your score.
Local Events and Memorials for 15th Anniversary of 9/11
It is hard to believe but the 15th anniversary of the most horrific terrorist attack in our nation is next Sunday.  I recently visited New York and saw 9/11 memorial reflecting pools that sit in the footprint of the two towers, inscribed with the names of those who were lost. To see those names…
It is a huge event  that took lots of planning and will draw thousands – no not the Maroon 5 concert in Atlantic City…although that will be a blast, but if that is not your thing, why not get your ducky ready and join the 22nd Annual Unit…
Hip Surgery – New Options
If you have hip pain, you could be a candidate for hip replacement surgery.  A new computerized technology means less recovery time.  Dr.Fabio Orozco, Orthopedic Surgeon from The Rothman Institute in Egg Harbor Township explains...

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