Indianapolis Colts

Colts Wanted Sudfeld to Replace Luck on Roster
PHILADELPHIA ( — The Indianapolis Colts tried to sign Nate Sudfeld off the Eagles' practice squad this week and now you understand why. The Colts officially shut down superstar quarterback Andrew Luck for the entire 2017 season Thursday, placing the former No...
"Grayson's Grades" vs Colts
The Philadelphia Eagles opened the preseason with a solid 36-10 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. The starters did not play very long before the backups went into the game and dominated the playing time the rest of the way.
Turnover Free Football, Something The Eagles Know Nothing About
Football isn't rocket science. Sure, their are many intricacies to game, like in depth strategies and complex schemes, as we've seen the game progress over the decades. One principle has remained a constant however, despite the sports evolution, if you constantly turn over the football, you're not going to win many games.....unless you're the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles
Grayson's Grades vs Colts
The Philadelphia Eagles have yet to play an entire four quarter game. Heck, they have yet to play a three quarter game. Despite that, the Eagles improved to 2-0 after a 27-24 win over the Indianapolis Colts.
Andy Reid Fired
The 14-year head coaching tenure of Andy Reid has ended, the Philadelphia Eagles announced on Monday morning. The organization’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Lurie will hold a 12 p.m. press conference today at the NovaCare Complex (Listen on 97...
Mike Krenek’s One Sentence Thought O’ The Day
Each day, I will be providing you, the LUCKY readers of, with a peek into my innermost thoughts and most private confessions. I will be doing so in one-sentence form, so as to make this as digestible as possible. Heavy dosages of the Mind of Mike Krenek can cause some NASTY side-effects, so this is for the good of the country. Today’s thought after the jump.

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