Jerry Colangelo

What Is Sam Hinkie's Future In Sixers' Front Office?
After the Sixers avoided history of the NBA's worst regular season record by gaining their tenth win on Tuesday night, the focus for the organization and fan base turns to the offseason around the corner.  The team is almost guaranteed at least one Lottery Pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, poten…
Bodner: Colangelo Will Help Sixers This Offseason
The 76ers are building for the future and there is focus on this coming offseason with the NBA Draft and NBA Free Agency with Jerry Colangelo overseeing their Front Office. 76ers Insider and USA Today NBA Draft Analyst Derek Bodner joined The Sports Bash to discuss the impact of Colange…
Broussard: Colangelo has restored 76ers reputation
With the Sixers in danger of matching their own NBA record for worst win-loss record in league history, the question still remains is the team on the right track to build a contender sooner than later? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for 76ers fans...
Elhassan: If Colangelo involved everything turns to gold
ESPN NBA Analyst Amin Elhassan worked for the Phoenix Suns when Jerry Colangelo was the man in charge overseeing the organization.
Elhassan told Mike Gill Friday on The Sports Bash what he thought of Colangelo:
"If Colangelo is involved everything turns to gold eventually in the NBA but the S…
Report - Teams Contacting Colangelo on Trades, Not Hinkie
Sam Hinkie still holds the title as general manager for the Philadelphia 76ers.
How much general managing is Sam Hinkie doing? That is up for debate.
According to a Calkins Media report, Sam Hinkie is not calling the shots for the team at this trade deadline...
Report - D'Antoni Pushed for Ish Smith Trade
It's more clearer by the day what is happening with the Philadelphia 76ers.
Just days after the hiring of longtime NBA coach Mike D'Antoni as an associate head coach to Brett Brown, the 76ers made a trade.

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