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The Sports Bash with Mike Gill is South Jersey's No. 1 live and local sports talk afternoon show and is now giving you the chance to watch the show live each day on Facebook!

Fine 5, Ugly 5
Every Wednesday on the Sports Bash with Mike Gill, Mike and Matt Segal give you their top 5 teams in the NFL as they see it, as well as the 5 worst teams.
Who’s In, Who’s Out?
Every Tuesday at 330p on the Sports Bash, Mike Gill and Matt Segal give you their predictions on the NFL playoff picture.
From division winners to wild card teams, Mike and Matt try to set up the NFL playoffs as they see it. In a league riddled with parity, the NFL is week to week, as is the Sports B…
Pitching Dominance Continues in South Jersey
Less than a week after a junior pitcher threw a no-hitter in his very first varsity start, two more local athletes have recorded similarly impressive feats.
Despite a tremendous pitching performance in the first game of the season, Holy Spirit's Mike Di Ianni knew there was room for improvement.…

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