Phillies-Reds (Game 13): Must-Know Stuff
Phillies @ Cincinnati Reds
First pitch at 7:00 on ESPN
Quibble all you want about the Phillies early record.
But whether you think they should've bagged 2 more games (one apiece from the Royals and Marlins) or not, there's still a golden opportunity to make an early statement...
What You Need To Know: Phils-Reds
Phillies (57-67) vs. Cincinnati Reds (76-49)
A series push here would really be nice.
Not only because it would further the Phillies winning ways (by 2012 standards, at least) since the All-Star Break (7-3-1 in second-half series) but keeping up with the Reds (10-1-1) would be the exactly the type…
What You Need To Know: Phillies-Reds
Phillies (57-66) vs. Cincinnati Reds (75-49)
Last night's 5-4 loss was discouraging, not so much because it snapped the Phils three-game win streak, or knocked their second-half record to 20-16, or kept them from gaining ground on the Braves (lost to Washington) in the second w…
What You Need to Know: Phils vs. Reds
Phillies (57-65) vs. Cincinnati Reds (74-49)
In case you hadn't heard, the Reds don't exactly fare well in Citizen's Bank Park.
They didn't last night, losing 12-5 (though they were able to take out frustration on Roy Halladay), their 16th in their last 20...
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