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Weekend Sports Guide Heisman Ballot
If I were a voter this is how I would vote. Remember The Heisman has NOTHING to do with how you think a player will play in the NFL. My rankings are based on how well a player played this season and on who played the best in the biggest moments
David Stern Must Resign NOW!
I have been a huge fan of the NBA my entire life. Even when the 76ers have been bad, I have been in awe of the tremendous abilities of what I consider the best athletes to walk the earth. The only thing that has been a negative during my time as a fan has been the worst commissioner in all of sports…
Weekend Sports Guide’s Week 12 NFL Picks
Here are my post Thanksgiving NFL Picks. I was 2-1 Thursday, so let's hope the momentum continues.
New York Jets -9.5 over Buffalo Bills
St. Louis Rams -3 over Arizona Cardinals
Cleveland Browns +7 over Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans -7 over Jacksonville Jaguars
Carolina Panthers -4 over Indianap…
Enjoy It Eagles Fans
I know the Eagles aren't going to win the Super Bowl. I know the Eagles are wildly inconsistent. I know the Eagles aren't even making the playoffs, but also I know one thing.

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