Wild Card

Eagles Created Best Path Possible to Super Bowl
Will someone explain why the topic of why the Eagles' most desirable wild-card opponent is even debatable? Going back to the Bears game, this is the reason I felt that game was so important and not "meaningless" as many described that Sunday Night...
Mid-game Phillies Poll
It's been an amazing stretch of days as the Phillies sit poised to make a comeback never seen before in baseball. So since you're watching the game, why don't you take our poll?
Will the Phillies be 2 back by morning?
Magic in the Air? Phillies 4 Games Out of Wild Card
We may have switched our attention to football, but the Phillies are making sure we don't forget about them. A 9 - 7 win last night against the Marlins, coupled with Atlanta, L.A., St. Louis, and Pittsburgh losing has the Phils 4 games out of a Wild Card spot with 20 games left to play.
Can the Phillies Still Make The Playoffs?
One of my favorite scenes in the move “Major League” is when general manager Charlie Donovan and one of the Indians Board members are trying to talk to to owner Rachel Phelps about the current state of the roster.

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