I'm sure everyone reading this has grown up with the Berenstain Bears, and now you can spread their fun and learning lessons with your family, LIVE!!  I remember having the books and watching the cartoons as a kid but didn't quite realize the lessons and history of the Berenstain Bears!  Check out some of the fun things I found out about Mama, Papa, Brother & Sister Bear!

1. The first Berenstain Bear book was published in 1962 and was called The Big Honey HuntIt was published by Dr. Seuss' own imprint, Beginner Books. More than 260 million copies have been sold since then (that's for the whole series, of course, not just The Big Honey Hunt).

2. There are more than 250 books under the Berenstain Bear banner! 

3. Jan and Stan Berenstain (the creators) met on their first day of class at the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Arts (UArts) and were married five years later.

Pretty Cool stuff! Here is a preview of the the Berenstain Bears Live at the Walter Edge Theater at ACCC in Mays Landing!!

More interesting background of the Berenstain Bears I found on Wikipedia!

Stanley Berenstain and Janice Grant met in 1941 on their first day of drawing class at the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art, where they formed an immediate bond. After being separated during World War II, during which Stan worked for the Army as a medical illustrator and Janice worked as a riveter, they were reunited and wed in 1946. While initially working as art teachers, the Berenstains pursued a joint career in cartooning and gradually found success working together on illustrations, humorous sketches and cover art for publications including The Saturday Review of LiteratureCollier'sMcCall'sGood Housekeeping, andThe Saturday Evening Post. In 1951, they published Berenstains' Baby Book, a humorous how-to aimed at adults and based on their experiences raising their infant son Leo in downtown Philadelphia. Nearly two dozen other books followed; described by Stan as "cartoon essays," the titles included Marital BlitzHow To Teach Your Children About Sex Without Making A Complete Fool of Yourself and Have A Baby, My Wife Just Had A Cigar!

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