In the summer months, humidity can cause paper jams along with poor copy quality.


Paper Quality
Less expensive paper has less of a structured grain pattern and feels slick to the touch. It is also generally of substandard weight/thickness and won’t be as bright in color. Also, a copier needs a strong paper which low quality paper lacks. Use only good quality branded paper.

Condition of Paper
Moisture in paper may cause your copier to jam. To eliminate this problem, always reseal the paper package if you do not use the entire ream.

Proper Paper Handling
Proper paper handling is essential. Settle your paper against a flat surface being careful not do damage the leading edge of the paper. Fan the stack of paper also, this provides a layer of air between each of paper and therefore limits the possibility of mis-feeding or double feeding. Fill the cassette a maximum 3/4 Full. Additionally, if there is paper already in the tray, remove the paper and re-fan the complete stack.