Sources tell Joel Sherman of the New York Post that, while "entrenched in serious negotiations" to re-sign Cole Hamels long-term, the Phillies are "putting their ducks in a row so that if they have to trade him and Shane Victorino, they could do it fast."

What's more? One longtime scout flirted with the word "tampering" when talking about Hamels and the Dodgers.

Carlos Ruiz -- CHOOCH?!? -- with trade value now too?

Nationals players take all-in-good-fun rib at Ozzie Guillen, signed, Bryce Harper.

STATISTICALS (Elias): Hunter Pence drove in two runs with a bases-loaded single in the eighth inning turning a 2-1 deficit into a 3-2 Phillies lead on Tuesday night. It marked only the second time in his career that Pence has turned a deficit into a lead in the eighth inning or later. The only other time he did that was on August 16, 2009 when he hit a two-run home run in the eighth inning with his team (the Astros) trailing the Brewers 5-4.

STATISTICALS (Elias): Mike Trout went 4-for-6 with two RBI in the Angels' 13-0 win over the Tigers on Tuesday night. It was the fourth time Trout has had at least four hits in a game this season. Since 1950, only three other players have had that many four-hit games in one season at age 20 or younger: Al Kaline (five in 1955), Orlando Cepeda (four in 1958) and Claudell Washington (four in 1975).

VIDEO: No, no -- it's cool. You can cry now.

VIDEO: Almost sounds like NCAA prez Mark Emmert might actually drop the guillotine on Penn State...

VIDEO: The chief success of the Sixers offseason? Less Kwame Brown, more what Collins says at the 1:30 mark.