The Philadelphia Eagles are 2-0 to start the season under Rookie Head Coach Doug Pederson; he is the first Eagles Head Coach to start a season 2-0 in his 1st season since Nick Skorich in 1961.  One concern some people have is that Chip Kelly set the NFL "on fire" early on before opponents figured out how to beat him and they wonder if Pederson will fizzle out like Kelly did.

Jack McCaffrey of the Delaware County Daily Times joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and explained why he expects Chip Kelly's failures to not be duplicated by Doug Pederson:

"Chip Kelly was an arrogant fool that did nothing in his career except cheat at Oregon and was able to put his team into a good position to win games there and then offered (NCAA) probation.  He got an NFL Head (Coaching) job and thought he invented the game.  Much like Pederson, when you are an unknown you can have quick success and he never adjusted, he never figured out that those other defensive coordinators were smarter than he was and more experienced than he was and knew more about NFL Football than he did....The challenges are going to get tougher for Doug Pederson but maybe he's less arrogant than Chip Kelly and is able to adjust; so far I think he's shown every indication that he'll be that way, that he will adjust better than Chip Kelly did."

Hear why McCaffrey believes Pederson is not an Andy Reid clone as Eagles Head Coach and how that is a good thing

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