Each week, Eagles head football coach Andy Reid address the media and for the most part, he gives us nothing.  When the Eagles win, Reid takes soft ball questions and in Eagles losses, Reid is rarely challenged and when he is, his response: "I need to do a better job" (Or some variation).

If you look at the picture to the left, you'll see Reid with his defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo in the back-ground.  Today, many questions from the media surrounded the two men and thier jobs.

Here is the audio and trascript of today's presser, following the Eagles loss to the Cardinals

Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Press Conference


Injury report:

“[T] King Dunlap has a concussion. [WR] Jeremy Maclin has an AC sprain and a slight hamstring strain. [CB] Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has a high ankle sprain. [QB] Michael Vick has a couple of broken ribs. [G] Evan Mathis is doing better with a toe sprain. And [S] Nate Allen is doing better with the concussion.”

 Opening remarks:

“The obvious is we didn’t play very well yesterday and that’s my responsibility as a head football coach of this team. And I have to make sure that I do a better job and let the guys around me do a better job. I’d like to be able to point at one area but that’s not what this is, it’s a combination of things, all of us doing our jobs better [and] particularly in the fourth quarter as things go on; we have to make sure that we finish games. The other obvious is 11 penalties and a couple turnovers, we can’t do that. Also, 3 for 15 on third down conversions, that’s…you’re shooting at 20 percent conversion margin there, and that’s obviously not good enough. And then, being able to get of the field on key third down situations is also important, even though their percentage was only 38 percent.”

On whether Vick had more than the wind knocked out of him when he went down:

“He broke his ribs, yeah.”

 On whether he knew about Vick’s injury:

“No, Michael didn’t say anything. They’re his lower two ribs.”

 On whether he will play on Sunday:

“We’ll see in the next couple days how things go.”

 On when the injury to Vick’s ribs occurred:

“Second play of the game.”

 On whether he said anything to the coaches:

“He didn’t say anything, not a word. He’s a tough nut.”

 On whether it is a stretch for Vick to begin practicing on Wednesday:

“We’ll see. I have to just see here in the next little bit.”

 On whether he thinks Vick’s injury affected his accuracy:

“Well, I’d probably say that it had something to do with it.”

 On whether he would rather have Vick tell the coaches and let them make a decision on the injury:

“Listen, he did some good things. We were in a position to win the game and I don’t think it came down to him right there.”

 On whether he would want Vick to tell him:

“Well, he said his juices…he said he really just blanked it out and played is kind of what he said, and really didn’t think twice about it.”

 On whether backup QB Vince Young will get the reps if Vick is injured:

“We’ll see how all of that goes.”

 On whether Maclin’s shoulder or his hamstring is more serious of an injury:

“His shoulder. His shoulder is.”

 On whether G Evan Mathis has made some good progress:

“He’s actually doing some rehab now and we’ll have a better feel after his meetings.”

 On Rodgers-Cromartie’s ankle:

“That’s a tough one. He’s going to struggle to make it back for the game on Sunday.”

 On when Dunlap complained of symptoms:

“After the game.”

 On whether he thought the hiring of defensive coordinator Juan Castillo would be a long term project:

“No. I feel comfortable with Juan.”

 On whether Castillo is still the defensive coordinator:


 On whether Castillo will still call the plays:


 On whether he thinks the defensive play calling needs to improve in the fourth quarter:

“I think we all need to improve in the fourth quarter. I’d like to be able to tell you it’s one thing.”

 On whether the problems with the defense stem from gameplanning:

“I think you could ask the same thing – do we need to score more points? Yes we do. So we need to stop them and we need to score more points. So it’s both sides of the football, it’s not one particular thing.”

 On his thoughts about why they didn’t match up CB Nnamdi Asomugha with Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald:

“Well, that’s how we worked it. That’s how we went about it.”

 On why they don’t involve RB LeSean McCoy more late in the game:

“Well you know, in this case, in this game here, we felt like we could throw the ball against their defense because obviously we wanted to put up points. In hindsight, maybe we could have given him the ball more.”

 On whether WR DeSean Jackson is still a starter:


 On whether he’s happy with the way Jackson addressed the team today:

“I made sure we put it out on the table and talked. And so, communication I think is important and we did that and he addressed the team.”

 On his relationship with Jackson and Jackson’s relationship with other players on the team:

“I’ve always had a good relationship with DeSean. Now listen, I’ve done this with other players so we can’t forget that part. I’ve done this two or three times with other players where I’ve sat them down, so it’s just one of those things that happens. And I will tell you that, myself included, nobody is bigger than the football team and so if you’re wrong in a spot then you have consequences, too. And that’s how it works.”

 On whether he is confident that Jackson learned from his consequences:

“Yeah, I am.”

 On how he sees the big picture of the team and season from the inside:

“I see that we need to work on a few things. We’re close, obviously, if we’re ahead in the fourth quarter there’s a period of time there that you have to figure out and straighten out, especially in five games. If you can do it for the first three quarters and given in the fourth quarter, then you should be able to finish the game, and that’s our challenge as coaches and players to make sure we get that win. And so, that’s what we’re going to continue to do.”

On whether he thinks he built a team of finesse and not toughness after blowing so many fourth quarter leads:

“Well, I think we just all need to do a little bit of a better job.”

On whether he feels he’s still the best coach to lead this team:

“I am.”

On whether he understands the frustration of the fans:

“I’ve always said this, I completely understand that. What we’re going to do is take care of our business and make sure that we get it right. I know our fans deserve that, so we understand that. I understand that, and I think everyone on our team understands that.”

On the fact that there were reports of other guys missing meetings and whether the locker room is unified:

“I don’t know about the guys missing meetings. To me, it’s speculation I think. I would tell you yes.”

 On how he can tell they are still unified:

“Because that’s what I feel. I’m around them, so that’s what I feel.”

 On Jackson’s contract situation:

“He knows, and he said it to you. There’s the business side of it and there is the playing side of it. He understands that.”

 On whether that situation has been handled well by the front office:

“I can do better. If it came down to what it came down to, I can obviously do a better job there, too.”

 On whether he is worried he might be on limited time as a head coach:

“No, I’m really just concerned about the Giants right now. That’s what I’m concerned about. That’s number one.”

 On whether a fundamental disciplinary problem exists:


 On whether the mental mistakes show a fundamental discipline problem:


 On the correlation between running and passing plays:

“We did a good job [in the Dallas and Washington games] and we didn’t do as good of a job in the games we lost. Every game is different, and you’re going to have a different run/pass ratio in every game. That’s how it works.”

On whether it was planned to have a balanced attack:

“You don’t go in with a certain amount. You go in with strengths and weaknesses and mismatches and so on. That’s what we did in this game.”

On whether some players’ focus has been hindered by off the field issues:

“I’m not sure how to answer that. We won one game and didn’t win another. I’m not big on all of that. I’m big on going out and playing the game, doing the right things, and going forward.”

On whether this is his most frustrating season as head coach:

“No. Listen, I think we all need to do our job better and that’s starting with me. I think I have a pretty good grasp on the guys, coaches and players. It’s my job to see that we all pull together and win. I understand it, and I think I have a pretty good feeling of it.”

On whether he plans to get more involved defensively:

“I’ve always stayed in touch with both sides and have both of them on my headset. I know and have always known exactly what is going on for each side.”

On whether something intangible is missing from this team:
“We have to be more effective scoring in the fourth quarter. We need to do a better job.”

On how Asomugha lined up offsides:

“Things happen. That’s the human element. It doesn’t happen very often and really throughout the league. On that one, I’d tell you that [Arizona WR] Larry [Fitzgerald] is a little bit deeper than he normally is and then Nnamdi needs to check exactly where his alignment is.”