Sam Bradford's agent has informed the Eagles and the media that Sam Bradford wants to be traded after Philadelphia traded up to the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft to select either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff.  ESPN Business Insider & Former NFL Executive Andrew Brandt joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday with his perspective on what is going on with Bradford and the Eagles:

"(Eagles) did structure a contract that they could get out next year, four million dollars guaranteed but it's offset so if (Bradford) goes to another team he's going to make at least four million, the Eagles will get out from under that....You are not in the age where you sit a guy three years, especially number two in the draft, that just doesn't happen anymore. So it's hard to know what (Sam Bradford) could do. Listen I think nothing is going to change, that's my opinion, because one, I don't think Jeffrey Lurie is going to pay this guy eleven million dollars to go play for someone else. And I know he's got tons of money and people say 'sunk cost' but it's just flabbergasting to think that (Bradford) got an 11 million dollar signing bonus and they might move him. But I think more important reason is what we discussed, Sam Bradford is the present, we know he is not the future but he is the present. They don't want Chase Daniel or Carson Wentz to be the present, so that's why I think he's not being traded."

Listen to what Brandt had to say about why Bradford got the large contract he did from the Eagles, how Bradford's agent is dealing with all of this, and how Eagles Quarterback situation is much different than when Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers