Sixers center Andrew Bynum said he felt pain in his left knee after working out on Sunday, and now it seems uncertain if he'll be able to return in February.

"It's just not ready yet," Bynum told the media on Monday before the Sixers game against the Clippers.

Bynum didnt sound optimistic about debuting this month, saying: “I'm not sure. It's all going to depend on if we get a setback or not."

Bynum did however admit there might come a time when he'll have to play through pain, saying what he's experiencing now isn't anything new, that he's experiencing pain doing his defensive slides and basketball activity.

The positive to take from this is that Bynum has progressed to doing defensive slides, doing full-court work and dunking, but he's still not doing 1-on-1 workouts or playing 3-on-3, and there is no timetable for his return.

As always check back on the Bynum saga and when something new happens we will let you know.