Sam Bradford won't play in the Eagles' preseason opener Sunday.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly made the announcement today and announced the Mark Sanchez will in fact start, but play a limited amount of snaps. Matt Barkley and Tim Tebow will follow Sanchez in the rotation.

"Sam will not play," Kelly announced.  "It's my decision, we've been back-and-forth on it, but I made the final call."  "Mark will start, won't play very much, it will be a lot of Matt and a lot Tim, so we'll get to see those guys in extended play."

Kelly said Bradford will make his debut in the second preseason game against the Ravens next Saturday.  Kelly stated with the Ravens coming in for a few training sessions next week, that it provided a good opportunity for Bradford to get reps in against another team.

"Sam understands," Kelly acknowledged.  "I think he's disapointed, but I think he understands, but it wasn't a debate."

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