Ever since Andre Iguodala was drafted by the Sixers with the ninth pick in the draft back in the 2004 draft, he hasn't been the guy Sixers fans had hoped.

Drafted as an athletic defensive star, Sixers fans were still searching for someone to compliment Allen Iverson.

Much like many of the stars in Philadelphia, Iguodala has his fans and he has is strong and vocal detractors.  However, this this time it sounds like Iguodala has fired back.

"In Philly, it's not about who you are, it's about what you do for us," Iguodala recently said in an interview with SI.com. "You could be the worst person in the world, but if you score a lot of points or win a championship, you can murder somebody."

Not exactly a quote that will have the fans rushing out to buy your jersey.  But that's been Iguodala, he doesn't want to embrace his role and embrace the fans.  Do the fans love you if you are a bad guy?


But in a town where titles haven't come at a alarming pace, maybe Sixer fans and Philly fans in general just want you to give 100-percent effort and let them know that you want to be here.

Recently Iguodala called out teammate Lou Williams for his poor defense in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated.

"[Williams] is one of the toughest guys to guard in the league, but he can’t guard anybody," said Iguodala. "I don’t get that."

Not a glowing remark about one of the more popular players on a roster who's leader gives fans no reason to embrace him.

One thing about Iguodala stands out to be that I just can't forget.  On the night that Iverson returned the Wells Fargo Center was sold out and obvioulsy there to see Iverson.  Yet Iguodala decided that this was "his team" and he wanted to be introduced last, making for an awkward introduction for Iguodala that was drowned out by the cheers for their former leader.

It showed me that Iguodala simply doesn't get it.

To show that it was his team, you step aside for the stars of the past, much like Alex Rodriguez did in the all-star game for Cal Ripken.  At that point we all understood it was no longer Iverson's team, but the only reason fans were there was to see the little guy one last time.

Team's do it all the time, heck Wilt Chamberlain even got his own night this season, and people came to see him, even though he wasn't there.

Would Iguodala asked to be announced last if Chamberlain showed up?

There is a part of me that think he would, just seems like the kind of guy he is.