Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie acknowledged in his state of the team address that he and the Eagles brass expect Mike Vick to have a big season in 2012.

“Well, there is no set way to measure that but we expect him to have a terrific year," explained Lurie.  "That’s why he is the starting quarterback. That’s why he’s been signed for a number of years. I have to say that Michael has been everything we could have asked and more in terms of the intangibles. Now we just need him to maximize that incredible God given talent, stay healthy, and deliver the kind of offensive performance that great quarterbacks can. This is a quarterback driven league and we will go as far as our quarterback play can take us assuming the rest of our team plays well.”

Vick, was the Eagles' Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde last season, throwing just 18 touchdown passes but 14 interceptions  in 13 games in 2011. He missed three games and parts of others with various injuries.

This offseason, Vick finally had an opportunity to enter knowing he was the starter.  Last season there was no mini-camp and a rushed training camp. In 2010, he sat behind Kevin Kolb during camps, before taking over the job after his week two performance against the Lions.

Oddly enough it was an injury that landed him the job and its injury that has people concerned in 2012 - including Lurie.

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