Will Joel Embiid ever play for the Philadelphia 76ers?

It's a debate in the twitter-verse that is goes back and forth between the half-full and half-empty fans.

After a second surgery ended his season before it even started, half-empty fans of the well publicized "process" have felt the big man will never step on the floor for the team, while half-full fans use his name to indicate the future of the "process" has a bright ending.

During the Sixers current West Coast trip, the embattled big man was seen doing some on-and-off-the-court work along with some some agility drills, working out in beach sand and more.

"It's all part of that rehab and that plan and path that he is on with David Martin, one of the world's recognized sports scientists," coach Brett Brown told reporters in Los Angles.

"He's created a plan and path. The number of people around Joel Embiid is massive."

Embiid will be with the team just a few days before heading back to Philadelphia, but just having Embiid's presence has been helpful to the team says coach Brown.

"I think it helps him and it helps us," Brown admitted.  "When you see Joel Embiid walk on to a court, and you look lover and you see Jahlil (Okafor), who I've said I think is a four-man, and then you look over and you see Nerlens (Noel), you know Joel at 7-foot-2 is a different body type, he's a big man."

"His presence and his personality is something we always welcome."

Truer worlds have never been spoken - now if the half-full fans can get a chance to see him on the floor in a actual games, the half-empty fans could join them.