Today on the Sports Bash, Matt Segal spoke with Dan Schwartzman of  “The Dan Schartzman Show” on NBC Sports Radio. With many teams about to begin camps, the two discussed projections and outlooks for the upcoming season. Schartzman, formerly of 97.3 ESPN, gave his fresh take on the NFL with lots of new faces in new places. Historically, teams that lose the Super Bowl often miss the playoffs the next season. Schartzman says the Broncos will "be ok" and this year will be different. And not to be ignored, the two discuss Tony Dungy's recent comments regarding Michael Sam and the buzz traveling through the NFL.

Is Nick Foles the leader the Eagles need to take the next step? What are realistic expectations for Chip Kelly and his Eagles team in his sophomore campaign? How will the rest of the NFC turn out? For all the insider answers, listen below:

Part II:

Part III:

~Rob Povia