Sixers Big Man Nerlens Noel has been drawing interest from around the league from various teams.  Before the NBA Draft the Houston Rockets offered Trevor Ariza and Patrick Beverley to the 76ers for Nerlens Noel and that offer was declined according to reports.  Noel was also part of the proposed deal by the Sixers with the Celtics for the 3rd overall pick in the draft; instead the Celtics kept the pick and selected Jaylen Brown.

Today Keith Pompey of confirms the reports of Zack Lowe of ESPN and Michael Grange about the Toronto Raptors interest in Noel.

Beyond the Raptors specific interest, there are numerous unsubstantiated rumors about the Golden State Warriors' interest in Nerlens Noel if they unload Andrew Bogut and his contract to another team that needs a Center.  Noel would be a major savings for the Warriors and the expectation would be the Sixers would have a sign-and-trade agreement in place in which they would receive Harrison Barnes in return.

While the Raptors trade would garner the Sixers more pieces (Terrence Ross and another asset) it comes down to how much the 76ers value Harrison Barnes.