The Philadelphia Eagles are sitting in a win-win situation with Quarterback Mark Sanchez. Keeping him is a win in regards to having a proven backup who has shown his understanding of Chip Kelly's offense in the preseason.

Trading him is also a win if the Eagles can lock up a first round pick as part of the deal. I have always felt a trade involving Mark Sanchez would be to a team that loses a starting quarterback late in the preseason or early in the regular season and is desperate. Both the St. Louis Rams and the Carolina Panthers are desperate in my opinion.

The Rams recently lost starter Sam Bradford for the season again after tearing an ACL. The Panthers lost starter Cam Newton for an unknown period of time after a hairline fracture to his ribs in their third preseason game.

Obviously the Rams are more desperate than the Panthers to find an adequate replacement. But, are they willing to mortgage a first round pick on Mark Sanchez when their division is arguably the toughest in the NFL?

Sanchez is a proven starter who appears to have as strong an arm as he has had in his NFL career. He has completed 25 of 31 passes for 281 yards, two touchdowns and an interception this preseason. His accuracy has been really solid throughout practices and preseason games. He will not play Thursday night agains the Jets.

Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly has indicated that he is willing to listen to any interested parties in regards to Sanchez, but the price has to be right for a deal to be made.

Sanchez could provide a quality starter to the Rams if they feel he can give them a boost to compete in the NFC West. Holding onto Sanchez provides the Eagles a serviceable backup. Perhaps Matt Barkley's performance Thursday night will allow the Eagles an opportunity to feel more comfortable with him as Nick Foles' backup should Sanchez be traded. Barkley is currently the third string quarterback.

Sanchez is also in a win-win position. He is perfectly content to spend this season backing up Nick Foles knowing he can enter free agency next offseason in search of a starting job. Sanchez' preseason performance should accomplish just that. Like any athlete, Sanchez wants to play and as a result likely would not argue with a trade to St. Louis.

The other dilemma for the Eagles is whether or not they would want to trade a guy like Sanchez to a team they will see later in the season. The Eagles are currently slated to play host to the St. Louis Rams on October 5th.

Perhaps Sanchez' trade value will never be higher. That is a luxury the Eagles can enjoy. They will trade Sanchez for the right price, but my hunch is the Eagles do not trade Sanchez and keep him moving forward throughout the 2014 season.