Welcome to the first edition of the Sports Bash Mailbag!

In the mailbag, we will answer you twitter questions, e-mail questions and more!

In the first edition of the Sports Bash mailbag series, we discuss some of the pressing topics around each of the Philadelphia sports teams.

A. I think 2018 is set up to be a very good year for Philly sports, if I am ranking the teams success by 2018, i'll go 1. Sixers 2. Flyers 3. Eagles 4. Phillies - But I think all four have a shot to be very good in the next two years.

A. I can see a starting front court of Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor and Dario Saric - depending on who they draft, Brandon Ingram is a small forward, Ben Simmons is probably a NBA small forward, but can play many different positions.
A. This is inevitable to happen, most people who don't like what the Sixers are doing will surmise that Jerry Colangelo came in here, took over and fixed this "mess". In reality, Sam Hinkie's work was pretty much done, he added all the assets and was ready to take the step forward. Regardless if you think Hinkie was ready or not, he wasn't going to try to lose year-after-year - he did this to win, not to continue losing. So any success this team has moving forward, most likely will be done with Hinkie's assets.

A. I think this is an interesting question, to me, a healthy Joel Embiid is the best player of this group so i'll put him in the top spot. Jahlil Okafor is next, Simmons and Saric I think have similar type of styles, not flashy scorers, good all-around games, smart players. Noel is just never going to be a great scorer, which isn't a bad thing.