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Here is today’s show: Monday September 10th, 2012.





Eagles Escape Cleveland With a Win

Mike Gill and Todd Ranck open up the show both with them pointing the finger at Andy Reid for the struggles the team faced in Cleveland. They barely left with a victory, QB Mike Vick turned the ball over 4 times. Mike and Todd want to see more rushes for Shady McCoy and not have Vick throw the ball 56 times as he did. And for the lovers of Nick Foles: relax.


Barrett Brooks

Every Monday and Friday this football season, Super Bowl Champion Barrett Brooks will join us to talk about the Eagles game that week. Mike wants to point the finger more at Andy Reid than Mike Vick and his 4 interceptions, Brooks agrees. Brooks agrees, saying that Mike Vick isn't a QB that can have a game plan like a Peyton Manning calling it "stupid and ludicrous." Brooks says Reid is a pass-happy guy and Vick isnt built like that to make decisions and read defenses. Follow Barrett Brooks on Twitter.

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Andy Reid Day After Press Conference

Played the press conference from Andy Reid earlier today, where he defended his QB Mike Vick and his 4 interceptions. "It's not a one-man show, everybody had a piece of the pie." Reid also talks about the surprisingly good play from the defense, that only gave up 9 points yesterday while forcing 4 turnovers.


Ryan Messick talks Eagles/Browns

Mike and Todd brought in our Eagles Insider Ryan Messick to get his thoughts on yesterday's game. He said there were three things for a cause for concern: 1. the offensive line, 2. Mike Vick and his poor decision making, 3. Andy Reid and the play calling for Mike Vick. On a comparison, Mike Vick was hit 16 times yesterday, while other players like Mark Sanchez and Tom Brady took less than ten. Follow Ryan Messick on Twitter.


Top Tweets

It's a Monday edition of Top Tweets!


YOU talk Eagles/Browns

In this segment we got you, the callers reaction to the Eagles narrow victory yesterday against the Browns. Many of you agree with Mike and Todd in that Reid should not be having Mike Vick throw the ball 56 times. McCoy should get more carries, he's been one of the best RB in the league. Plus, should the Browns have gone for a two-point conversion after their interception return for a TD? Would you have had faith in Vick and the Eagles if the game went to OT?

Jeff McLane on Eagles/Browns

Every Monday during the football season we will bring  philly.com and Philadelphia Inquirer writer Jeff McLane on to get his thoughts on the Eagles season. McLane called Vick's interceptions egregious, but also admits that the wide receivers, offensive line, etc need to share the blame. McLane also had strong comments in saying that "Nick Foles will be your starter if Vick doesn't get his act together. Follow Jeff on Twitter and read his blog Bird's Eye View blog.

5 Questions

1. Can you name the other 3 kickers who are now tied with David Akers for a 63-yard FG?

2. What % chance do you give the Phillies of making the playoffs?

3. Do you agree with McNabb's comments?

4. What % chance do you give the Eagles of beating the Ravens next Sunday?

5. Who would you like to see Andy Reid swap ideas with?


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