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Thursday March 14th, 2013.

Best College Team vs. Worst Pro Team

In our #askmikeandtodd segment, a listener posed a question to Mike and Todd wondering in what sport could you envision a college team beating a professional team? In the past it was asked if Alabama could beat an NFL team, or the UK basketball team, could they have beaten an NBA team? Mike Gill says either hockey or baseball would be the sport with the best chance. Todd Ranck agrees with baseball, but disagrees with hockey.

Gene Allen

AC coach Gene Allen called in to talk about his first round victory last night, as heard on 97.3 ESPN FM last night. Allen talks about the will of his tam, after being down 19 points at one point as well as the adversity they've gone through. Atlantic City will next play tomorrow night vs. St. Joe at 6 p.m. Game on 97.3 ESPN FM and

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL the trade off the Patriots made?

2. BUY or SELL Peter Laviolette on the hot seat?

3. BUY the worst Eagles statement: 'Dream Team,' 'Dynasty' or 'Shock the World?'


Top Tweets

It's a Thursday edition of top tweets!

Eagles Sign Another Two

During the show the it was reported that the Eagles made another two signings in Kenny Phillips and Cary Williams. The moves should solidify the Eagles revamped secondary with Patrick Chung and Bradley Fletcher now in the mix. Mike Gill talks about the four new players and whether he likes or dislikes the moves.

Q Ismail

Ravens Radio Network called in quick for some insight on Cary Williams. Q said that Williams will be a tackler and the main reason he left the Ravens is because he wasnt viewed as a high priority for them. He wasnt viewed in the same class as players like Paul Kruger, or Ed Reed. Ismail also talks about the Ravens letting a lot of their players go after they won the Super Bowl and what's next for the team.

5 Questions

1. Welker or Amendola?

2. Eagles Free Agents, they going to take Milliner?

3. Roy Halladay concern?

4. Do you like Cary Williams type player on your team?

5. NFL Rule Changes?

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