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 Here is today’s show: Tuesday, November 26th 2013

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL Eagles matchup vs. Cardinals?
2. BUY or SELL Joe Flacco's comments on Wildcat?

Who's In Who's Out

Mike & Todd with their 12 playoff teams in the NFL through Week 12.


Jimmy Kempski

In this segment Kempski, covering the Eagles for Philly.com, came on to talk about Nick Foles being named the Eagles starting QB for the rest of the season, told us that it was the Packers game that really sold him on him being the starter. Kempski also talked about the maturity of Mike Vick and how supportive he has been throughout this whole process. Kempski also believes that the Dallas Cowboys finale in Week 17 will be enormous for Foles because of how poorly he played against the Boys in October. Follow Kempski on Twitter.

Lloyd Vance

We get a whip-around and recap with NFL Network contributor Lloyd Vance.

Top Tweets

It's a Tuesday edition of top tweets!

Ruben Amaro

Mike Gill talks about an appearance Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro made on Philly Sports Talk yesterday talking about the state of the team and the off season he is in the middle of. Amaro comments on the depth of the Phillies, why Charlie Manuel was fired mid season and if we can expect a blockbuster trade two weeks from now at the meetings in Orlando. Watch more of Amaro on Philly Sports Talk.

Phil Sheridan

Philadelphia Inquirer joined us on Tuesday this week because of the holiday to talk about the Eagles games against the Cardinals on Tuesday. Sheridan said that if the Eagles beat the Cardinals for a 7-5 record, then they have a pretty good chance at making the playoffs. Sheridan also talks about the announcement of Nick Foles becoming the permanent starter and how the locker room took it. Follow Sheridan on Twitter.

5 Questions

1. Did Chip Kelly pick the wrong QB at the beginning of the season?

2. Cano and Yankees still far apart. Whats a fair deal for both sides?

3. Best player to have his career devastated by injury?

4.Is it a 50/50 split for Eagles and Cowboys to win NFC East?

5. Will RG III be benched this season?