When you win a Super Bowl, it lasts with you forever.

It doesn't matter what position you play, how many catches or rush attempts you came away with.

Luke Wilson plays tight end for the Seahawks and registered just two catches for 17 yards against the Broncos in Super Bowl 48.

That apparently was enough for him to take home the victory as well as a Super Bowl ring with his Seahawks logo on it.

Wilson joined Mike Gill and Todd Ranck on 'The Sportsbash' Tuesday afternoon to talk about the joys of winning his first Super Bowl in his first season in the NFL.

Wilson grew up in Canada so he was more involved with the sport of hockey than football, but still finds himself on an NFL roster.

Wilson talks with Gill and Ranck about his head coach Pete Carroll as well as his quarterback in Russell Wilson, both of whom provokes maximum effort out of each player.

LISTEN to Super Bowl champion Luke Wilson: