Chip Kelly had any Nike uniform he wanted at Oregon.

Now it seems he could have any Under Armour uniform he wants.

University of Maryland president Wallace Loh sat down with The Baltimore Sun and gave an interview surrounding the future of the Terrapin football program.

The university just fired Randy Edsall after five seasons on the job and are looking to become the next Oregon in hiring an innovative, risk-taking head coach.

That's where Chip Kelly comes into play.

The Eagles head coach already can expect a call from USC, but now it seems as if he can add Maryland to that list.

"I mean, this is not going into a school with an established reputation like Michigan and Ohio State, but the potential for growth, the potential to be another Oregon," Loh said.

Salary would be a major factor if they expect Kelly to take their phone call. He makes upwards of $6 million in the NFL, while the likes of Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh are making $7 million per year in the same conference as the Terrapins.

"Harbaugh and Urban make seven million dollars a year. And Chip Kelly, who is not doing all that well with the Philadelphia Eagles, made far, far less than that at Oregon," Loh added.

So Loh decided to give a minor dig at Chip Kelly, but is still trying to recruit him as his next coach all at the same time.

The university has a strong, personal and financial connection to the Under Armour sportswear brand --- they're CEO Kevin Plank is a former walk-on player and has designed countless Terrapin uniforms for the football program.

So it seems as if Loh will go after Kelly in the off season, it all depends on if Kelly will take his call. With USC and other high profile college jobs vacant his agent should be busy fielding offers.