With the rumors circulating of the Sixers trading Nerlens Noel to the Hawks for Jeff Teague much of the fan reactions has been against the potential deal.  Many fans still would rather trade Jahlil Okafor than use Noel to get another player, despite the fact that Okafor is almost two full years younger than Noel or the fact that Okafor is a much more talent offensive player in a league that typically values offense over defense.  Also Noel averaged only one more rebound per game more than Okafor for his career (8.1 for Noel; 7.0 for Okafor) and only averages 0.5 more blocks per game for his career (Noel with 1.7 Blocks per game and Okafor at 1.2).


ESPN NBA Analyst and Former NBA Front Office Executive Amin Elhassan joined The Sports Bash on Monday to give his reasoning why if he were in charge in Philadelphia he would make the Noel-Teague deal:

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

"For me personally I always thought Nerlens Noel was a flawed player, I think he's got some things that he does well that you can be excited about and then he's got some things he doesn't do that well and you're limited.  So the best bet is to trade him for something that can help you move forward and I think Jeff Teague is a good, young Point Guard who is under contract for another year at a very reasonable rate, allows you to go out there and now you add more talent to him, now you're going somewhere.  Jeff Teague alone is not good enough and he's got his own flaws by the way, but at least he's shown that he can perform on a winning team and perform well in a playoff environment.  And that's the thing the Sixers have to do right now is all about moving the culture forward with players who have had some success and can set some expectations for the other young guys in the locker room that 'Oh that's how we're supposed to be doing things'."

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