Story by Tom Pagliaroli

Let Your Voice(s) Be Heard

Two important sets of public meetings will be conducted during the upcoming weeks, topics which will impact recreational saltwater fishing along the Jersey shore.

The first deals with the construction of an expansive wind farm (read: windmills, and lots of ‘em) 15 miles off Atlantic City as part of an Ocean Wind Project that, if ultimately approved, will eventually spread northward. Construction is slated to get underway in ‘20 and operational sometime in 2024.

The power company, Orsted, is Danish, and promises abound as to the benefits of the wind farm and its allegedly zero negative impact on the ocean bottom and migration of various species of fish. The jury is still out on both of these, and at the meetings there will be company employees and “consultants” who will insist all will be well and that, in fact, the wind farms will prove a boon to improving fish habitats.

The Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) based in New Gretna, NJ has taken a stance opposing the wind farms as there are many unanswered questions and sketchy projections, especially when it comes to influencing fish migrations.

RFA executive director Jim Donofrio will be a guest on tomorrow’s Rack & Fin Radio (7-8am/97.3 ESPN FM; to discuss the possible negative impacts of Ocean Wind.

The first meeting/hearing is Monday, August 26 from 6-8pm in Atlantic City at the Stockton University Academic Center, 3711 Atlantic Avenue.

The second is the following evening, same time, at the Stainton Ocean City Senior Center, 1735 Simpson Avenue in Ocean City.

The third is the following evening, same time, at the Holiday Beach Club on Lighthouse Drive in Waretown.

See you there.

2020 Striper Regs

The Atlantic States Marne Fisheries Commission’s striped bass management board approved Draft Addendum VI for public comment, and this entails a 20% reduction in the recreational fishing harvest. In the 105.7 The Hawk listening area, there will be two public meetings, the first occurring Wednesday, September 4 at the Ocean City Library, 1725 Simpson Avenue between 6-8:30pm. The second will be conducted the same time on Thursday, September 12 at the Bay Avenue Community Center, 775 East Bay Avenue in Manahawkin.

Slot limits, minimum length limits, the mandatory use of circle hooks when bait fishing...all will discussed and public comment is encouraged, and to be sure, it will be lively. The common denominator is that there will be one fish possession limit.

See you there again.

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