When it comes to finding excellent pizza in South Jersey, listen to the locals. We take our pizza VERY seriously. To celebrate National Pizza Day, you helped us put together a list of pizza places you swear by. 

From Bruni's in Hammonton to Bim's in Millville, Carluccio's in Northfield to Calabria's in Absecon, you expressed some serious passion about where you love to get your pizza on.

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Heather's Picks:

Before we jump into our list below, I've got to personally shout out to a couple pizza places that deserve some attention. Gallery Pizza in Erial (the best broccoli cheese pizza I've ever had, been eating it since I was 10), Little Italy in Northfield (it tastes just like it WAS made in Italy), and Mannino's in Pitman (so thin and crispy and so many different pies to choose from).

There's nothing left to say now but, MANGIA!

Giorgio Trovato/Unsplash
Giorgio Trovato/Unsplash

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