Can you believe it's time for us to start working on our New Year's resolutions already?  2018's almost behind us, and 2019 is getting closer, which means we have another 365 days of fulfilling those yearly goals.

The main resolution seemingly in everyone's mind is either getting or staying in shape.  Places like Virtua aren't just for medical needs, and with programs like VirtuaFit, they make getting in shape a lot easier.

A really effective way to stay active and fit is to train like an athlete. Of course, it's not realistic for many to maintain the stringent diet and training regimens that dedicated athletes follow, but you can take influence from them. Training in these sports can help you maximize your gains and add some variation to the standard routine.

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    While it's not my favorite, and hasn't quite caught a foothold in mainstream America, soccer is the most popular sport in the world with an estimated following of more than 4 billion.

    Due in part to its large field size, and low number of substitutes, soccer players on average run about 7 miles a game, the highest in any sport.

    Men's Journal has a list of workouts designed to make better soccer players.  They feature exercises like hurdles, lunges, and pillars, which can be done by anyone and will strengthen your legs, core, and endurance.

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    Who knew you could be doing so much physical activity while sitting down?  Cycling consistently ranks among the best overall workout experiences, and for good reason.  Cycling works out your legs and your lungs with relatively low-impact and little stress on the body.

    These interval-based workouts from will help you strengthen your endurance and shed pounds quick.  Another bonus is that they won't leave you in a huge amount of pain afterwards, if they're done properly.

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    Swimming, along with rowing, usually top the charts when it comes to the best workouts, as these train your core strength, as well as endurance and agility.  Swimming is another low-impact activity, and helps improve blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.

    Fitness Magazine has these pool workouts you can use, and has one for each level of swimmer.  So, if you're inexperienced, you can work your way up the more advanced workouts.

    Along with physical health, there are mental health benefits to being in water, so getting in the pool can be a way to lose stress as well as weight.

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    What was once thought of as too barbaric for Ancient Rome is now a legitimate sport and career option that draws the aspirations of people everywhere.  Competitive boxers follow very strict schedules and routines in terms of their training and diets, but you can train like a boxer with the luxury of not having to make a specific weight. asked forum users to create their best boxing inspired workouts, and in here are some quality regimens.

    The winning routine from user RC26 focused on interval training with activities like jump rope, and shadow boxing with a heavy bag.  This workout will train all aspects of the body, from mental quickness, to endurance, strength, and footwork, areas boxers need to be sharp in.

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