The Super Bowl is one of the biggest parties of the year and when you have a big party, you need to have the best food.  Here is my choices for "Must-Have" food for your Super Bowl party this year.

1. Wings: Roberts Place in Margate - I have yet to find a better wing in South Jersey (or anywhere, for that matter).  They are a great size, not to much sauce and are not hot or spicy, all keys for the perfect wing for your party.  The one problem with wings is they don't travel well, so they aren't quite as good when you get them home as they are at the bar.  But these are a "MUST-HAVE" Super Bowl item.  The Super Bowl isn't the Super Bowl without wings and Roberts are the best.

2. Pizza: Tony's Baltimore Grill in Atlantic City - Their style of pizza is hard to match, this is not your NYC folding pizza.  Baltimore Gill has smaller slices, crispy crust, unlike anything else around South Jersey.  And the best part is the price, in an age where some places are charging $20.00 for a pie, a Baltimore Grill pie is $8.90.  So head into the city and grab a pie (or 4 for a Super Bowl Party), I get mine with Sausage, well done!

3. Burgers:  5 Guys Burgers and Fries - If you still haven't had a burger from 5 Guys, the Super Bowl is the day to treat yourself.  It is quite possibly the best burger you have ever tasted!  They have no freezers at 5 Guys so nothing is ever frozen.  Its worth the drive from wherever you are and if you have a burger at your Super Bowl Party, make it s 5 Guys Burger, you'll thank me and your party will thank you!

4. Sub Tray:  This is a hard one, I really don't think you can go wrong with any of the island sub shops (Dino's, Sack O'Subs or the White House), Tony Baloney's up in the inlet in AC has some interesting subs.  Vic's Sub Shop in Absecon makes a solid sub off the island and so does AC Sub Shop in Egg Harbor Township, it really depends on what your looking for.  On the Island, for a Tuna go Dino's, meatball go Sack' O Subs, a Regular head to the White House. If your a Roast Beef guy, I like Marcacci's Market in Ventnor.  AC Subs makes a good cheese steak, but Tony Baloney's has a unique menu where their cheese steak stands out to me.    Best variety...i'll go Dino's for Super Bowl Sunday.

5. Chili: Charlies in Somers Point - My Super Bowl party has to have chili and right now, I still like the way Charlies in Somers Point makes their chili.  They use more of a shredded beef, topped with Monteray Jack Cheese with Sour Cream its a great addition to your Super Bowl Party

These are some of my "must-haves" at my Super Bowl party, what are some foods you "must-have' at your party for your Super Bowl party?  Have fun and don't go hungry on Super Sunday!