“I wanted to be a spaceman. That’s what I wanted to be...” (Harry Nilsson. “Son of Schmillson”, 1972)

The iconic tune’s catchy lyrics kicked in when approaching the jet black, fully rigged-for-food trailer resplendent with a spaceman and planetary, starry figures.

My early afternoon abdominal bushel basket was growling after hunting squirrels and fishing for white perch.

Made the left off Route 539.

Thanks to the omnipresent traffic, it was a slow pass approach but it looked like a place for grub as per a food truck persona. A food truck in an unlikely place.

Orb O Bytes was the name on the sides and back.

Odd, that.

The locus was the mini-strip mall along Route 9 northbound in Tuckerton tucked tightly between the well-known savings-and-loan institution, and a learn-to-kick-ass boxing biz.

“It’s my love of outer space imagination and the characters that go with it. Orb-O, my creation, is one of them,” quipped the mid-thirty something bewhiskered twinkle-eyed owner Sal Hobler from the window, adding “And, with my imagination when it comes to creating great food, it’s an ‘out-of-this-world’ snack (read: appetizer), lunch or dessert. You’ll see.”

Tom P.
Tom P.

Tune in, Buzz Lightyear.

The order for a “Slider Sampler” was placed in between a near-steady pick-up from pre-orders.

Pre-orders? For a food truck?

Explained a hyper-busy Hobler who, as a youngster, enjoyed hanging around and participating in the family’s Sunday afternoon Italian kitchen organized mayhem. “I make everything fresh to order, and it can get crazy. Nothing done ahead of time unless called in earlier, so expect a 5-15 minute wait based on what you order.”

The pre order game comes in to play via the Orb-O-Bytes Facebook or Instagram accounts if one does not want to wait.

To the sliders.

Our pick was the Chicken ‘n Waffle, Pulled Pork w/slaw, and Chicken Vodka Parm trio selection. Fist thick. Packed. Luscious to lip smackin’.

Dessert was the Frozen Cocoa Waffle Shake.

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Heart ‘n lung machine advised.

A return a couple of days later, again a wait (that included a member of the next door bank with a list in her hand a bag at her side) as per the line ahead, it was the “Failure to Launch” meatball panini. Loaded with delicately seasoned spheres of meaty roundness teamed with laces of garlic-tangy arugula, and accompanied by a wad of hot, crunchy fries, it proved a slow and savor delight.

The end approach was “Moon Rocks”: flawlessly fried chunks of cinnamon impregnated French toast to which a pool of applesauce cool down beckoned.

Tom P.
Tom P.

Spaceman Sal, a culinary CelestialManiac, is uber excited, as in a pleasing gastrointestinal happening, regarding his upcoming specials that can be accessed via his social media reach.

“Big surprises very day,” he assures.

Traversing Tuckerton Wednesday through Friday 11am-3pm? Pull in off Main Street (Rte. 9), order, wait a bit, then enjoy gourmet eats beyond the pork roll/egg/cheese, faux homemade meatball hoagie, hot dog, burger heart burn fast food norm.

This ain’t your ganddaddy’s food truck experience.

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