In a vacuum, this shouldn’t shock, considering Kobe Bryant is pressed against the ceiling of age-permitting NBA functionality. (He’s 33.)

But coming from a 76er, let alone Andre Iguodala, it kind of grows legs. Legs that, according to Iguodala, Bryant could’ve used during last night’s 95-90 Sixer win against his Lakers, the deciding moments of which were spent tallying Philly’s 14-4 run to close out the remaining 3:48 of the fourth.

Said Iguodala, per “He exerts a lot of energy on offense and he’s aging a little bit. Something told me that it would be hard for him to keep the pace. He could, but it would be difficult. I didn’t change anything. I tried to keep pressure on him, make him take tough shots and I think we made him take 28 [actually 26] tough shots.”

Again: Iguodala, inarguably among the league’s premier perimeter defenders, kind of earned the right to say whatever the hell he wants after a cover job like a certain 24 minutes. (KBB scored only four points in the second half.)

Then again, Kobe did drop 28 points.

Whether it’s ridiculous or rhetoric that mirrors the “killer instinct” that NBA fans go hilariously bat shit crazy for, and that Iguodala has lacked throughout his overpaid Philadelphian tenure, is grounds for healthy debate.

At least more so than this line: “After a jumper by Jrue Holiday had cut the Lakers’ lead to five, (bench player Lou) Williams closed the game out in Mariano Rivera fashion.”