I’ll admit it, while I’m rooting for Nick Foles I’m not quite sure I believe in him just yet.

I also admit that I was initially rooting for anyone but Mike Kafka, even if his name was Nick Foles and especially if his name was Trent Edwards.

And now I have to admit that even though I never thought Kafka should have been in the back-up quarterback in the first place, I feel bad for him. If he’s in the battle, he should get a chance to play in the preseason. This Andy Reid mumbo-jumbo about already knowing what he has in Kafka wouldn’t sit well with me if I’m Kafka.

The biggest and latest storyline is the one that Reid sprung on us when he announced that Edwards will make the team and presumably be the third-strong quarterback behind Foles. Kafka had broken his left hand, and was be sidelined  for three weeks, costing him the rest of the preseason. In theory, it created the opening for veteran Trent Edwards to take more practice reps in Kafka’s absence.

It was just enough time for Edwards to win the job.

“Trent came in and he was the fourth quarterback,” said Eagles GM Howie Roseman.  “He wasn’t getting a lot of reps in mini-camps, and he continued to persevere and learn the offense. He didn’t complain about anything and he was the consummate professional and teammate. When he got his opportunities, he continued to perform.”

Edwards won the job by completing 68 percent of his preseason passes and compiling a 100.5 passer rating.

Though it looks to me like Foles is a better and more dynamic quarterback than Edwards, I wonder if Edwards would be the better pick to back-up Mike Vick if he were to miss any extended time with an injury.

As I have talked about on the radio many times, there always seems to be a “Mr. Lehigh” lets hope both Foles and Edwards don’t fit that mold.

Currently, Foles certainly looks more capable than Edwards, but let’s see how he does against defensive starters in the highly hostile environment that is the NFL.  Keep in mind, Edwards has been a starting quarterback in the NFL before, he knows what it takes to win games at this level.

Here’s what I like about Foles over Edwards thus far: he appears to have a big arm and also appears to be accurate. But he just seems like more of a big play-maker than Edwards – if not with his arm, he seems to be aware of what is around him – but remember most of the damage done was against second and third defenses.

And I’m also guessing if his understanding of the offense and recognition of the defense is on a par with Edwards, Foles gets the nod because he has a stronger arm. I tend to think that Foles can zip it into tight windows faster and more effectively than Edwards can, if all things are equal.

However it shakes out, both guys seem to have the backing of the fans, something Kafka never really seemed to have.  I think Foles will be the back-up and Edwards will be there to mentor him and get him prepared.

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